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The incredible Royal Britannia yacht in Scotland: relive its unique history!

The royal yacht Britannia
Royal yacht Britannia - © Britannia

The seas off the port city of Edinburgh, Scotland, are home to the Royal Yacht Britannia. A ship that remained in the hands of the British royal family for more than 43 years and circumnavigated the globe 867 times during her career, this iconic liner is one of the symbols of the Windsors’ British monarchy! A visit on board offers history buffs an incredible opportunity to relive this unique page in British history and discover the nerve center of official British travel.

History and background of the Royal Yacht Britannia

A boat under the ownership of Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Yacht Britannia is an iconic royal yacht associated with the British Royal Family. Inaugurated in Scotland in 1953, she was used as the official ship for Queen Elizabeth II’s travels.

Over the course of its life, the ship has completed more than 968 official voyages during 44 years of active service in the UK and around the world. In other words, its historical and symbolic significance extends far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom!

During this period, the ship welcomed European heads of state, honored guests such as Nelson Mandela and American stars like Marilyn Monroe.

Today, the British royal yacht remains forever associated with some of the greatest achievements of the British royal family – not only because it was seen as a tangible symbol of political and military power, but also because historic memories were created in this mythical location.

Abandonment of Britannia

Sadly, after years of loyal service, the decision was taken by the royal family to abandon the Britannia. From the hull to the machinery, the boat has been through a lot, and its many voyages have taken their toll on its durability.

Queen Elizabeth II is very attached to her boat, and has made numerous attempts to restore and refurbish it… But this was without taking into account the controversy within his country, whose population categorically refused to finance such work.

The ship is now based in Leith, a port on the banks of the Firth of Forth, just a few minutes from Edinburgh. It has now been converted into a museum, and is open to visitors.

Visit the Royal Yacht Britannia

Climb aboard and follow in the footsteps of the British monarchy

If you’d like to learn more about this important ship’s history and experience the uniqueness of life aboard the royal yacht, then it’s time to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia! Dozens of halls, rooms, private lounges and decks are available to visit – each offering a different experience!

You’ll be amazed by the intimacy and luxury that the yacht’s rooms offered to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

You’ll be able to admire the magnificent arched main salon, La Reine’s bedroom and the liner’s main dining room.

But that’s not all. The Royal Yacht Britannia not only houses important Victorian artifacts such as original paintings and a variety of antique books, but also offers original activities. From musical performances to culinary courses, themed guided tours and very special surprises for the youngest visitors… There’s something for everyone!

Our advice: book online on the boat’s website. That way, you won’t have to queue at the checkout, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your visit at a time that suits you!

The royal yacht Britannia
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